Below is an outline, to give you a framework of what to expect.
We'll start with a phone 
consultation about your wardrobe concerns, frustrations, lifestyle, profession, budget and what you would like to achieve.  A closet consultation is beneficial for most clients, but from our conversation we can decide if it is needed. 

  • A closet evaluation in which we look over your wardrobe and you show me your favorite items, as well as those about which you have questions.
  • Trying on clothing for fit, then eliminating dated, worn or poorly fitting pieces.
  • Organizing your closet by work and casual clothing.
  • Basically, getting to know you a bit and asking about your lifestyle.  This allows me to identify the best places for us to shop.
  • Make a shopping list of clothing and accessories that would complement your current wardrobe, creating fresh looks and outfits.
  • Taking pictures of your outfits is also an option.