How can a Wardrobe Consultant benefit you?

* Do you struggle to get dressed in the morning, feeling that no item in your closet will make you
   feel polished and confident? 
* Reach for the same pair of jeans and top?
* When you walk into a store are you instantly overwhelmed by the array of styles, cuts, and colors?
* Feel your clothing doesn't fit or flatter you? 
* Unsure of the impression that your style or clothing communicates to others?

I can provide insight to take the stress out of getting dressed, helping you to become effortlessly stylish in a way which is true to your lifestyle and budget.

Plenty of clothing but nothing to wear? 
Imagine your clothing sorted by work, weekend and necessity.  I'll provide tips on how to create outfits from your current wardrobe, and suggest new pieces to update and maximize what you already own.  I'll help you to select those items to let go of and choose dynamic new ones to augment your perennial favorites.  I'll teach you to buy more wisely, making the transition to quality over quantity.

Reluctant shopper?
I'll show you how to develop the skills you need to be savvy about your wardrobe.  I'll teach you to spot your most flattering styles and cuts and show you brands & designers that will best fit your needs, and make you feel like your best self.

It is important to remember that building a wardrobe takes time, and is a process.  I will develop your shopping knowledge and awareness, providing you with the confidence that will make shopping - even if it never becomes your passion - more enjoyable than you ever imagined.