Love e-notes
l would like to share some fun e-mails that I have received 

Hi Carrie, This week my CEO told me I had "good style" and the week before a Trend Director complimented me on my boots. Thought I would share as the compliments come from serious style professionals and they are definitely a reflection on your contributions to my wardrobe. Thanks! - Laura

The four emails below are from a very fun client -

Hi Carrie, omg, I LOVE Tani Shoes! I bought the clog boots there! omg omg!!! And the high-heeled lace-up oxfords in red! you've created a monster!!!
Here's the great part: I feel so much better! You did a great job. Well worth the $$.I haven't actually worked yet, but when I get some professional feedback I'll let u know. So far, my sister and my therapist think you're a genius! I'll be in touch. Thanks again! xx Joanne

HiCarrie!Yesterday, I finally worked at the company where I had been tipped off that I ought to dress better. My buddy there, the woman who started this whole thing, was extremely pleased and told me I looked fantastic. The male bosses were around, and I could tell they were pleased/impressed. What a payoff! It was really fun to know I nailed it! Congratulate yourself on a big success! Thanks again!  xx, ju

HI Carrie, I had so many people compliment me on my clog boots yesterday!  I went to a meeting at one of my clients' offices, and the women there are super-high fashion. They went nuts for them! From there, I went to meet a girlfriend (from Minneapolis!) for dinner and the hostess also went nuts for them. This is really cracking me up. You rock!
Talk to you soon. xx,ju

Hi Carrie!  Happy New Year!  How are you?  I am still enjoying all my new clothes, and people are still commenting on my boots! I crack up every time, oh wise woman!
I have bought a few new things, I got that skirt from BR that we wanted. I want to buy another pair of boots, some lower heeded riding boots.
When it's time to think about summer clothes, I'd love to have another shopping day with you. I have a few summer dresses that I think I can wear, but I'd love to see what kind of "look" you can put together for me. I hope you're up for it! Let me know when it's time.xx ju

Carrie,   You really did help me a great deal, and I know when I shop alone I will have a much better idea of what to focus on. And, having new places to shop, like AT and Loft, will really make it all easier. You can "quote me. "Hope you are well..Nan

Dear Carrie ,  

A huge thank you for the brilliant personal shopping tour you organised for us – it was one of the highlights of our week in New York celebrating my daughter’s 18th birthday.  Your knowledge and expertise revealed some hidden treasures – places off the tourist trail that felt like the ‘real’ New York City. What really impressed me was the way you gauged the styles and preferences of my daughter and son, giving them plenty of choices – they had great fun and were keen to go back to several of the shops and bought some fabulous things. I would really recommend anyone wanting some ‘inside’ help getting to the heart of shopping in NYC to get in touch with you – they won’t regret it.  

With very best wishes  

Cheryl, Bristol, UK