I am so glad I decided to contact Carrie. She helped me go through my current wardrobe and then shop for a bunch of new outfits, including clothes for work and going out. It seems I had been buying the wrong size clothes for years, and Carrie helped me see how to find the right size for my body. She was also great at choosing items I would have never thought to pick for myself - yet I feel they all still worked with my personality and style. I liked being encouraged to try new things but not so far out of my comfort zone that I won't wear them. I feel great about what we purchased. I even feel more confident about trying to shop for myself in the future based on some of the tips she taught me. And even better - she was able to find some great sales and discounts, so I got a lot of clothes for what I wanted to spend. I highly recommend hiring Carrie to help you go through your closet and shop for new outfits!
Stephanie L

Working with Carrie was a godsend. After a very helpful wardrobe consultation, I scheduled some follow-up shopping with Carrie. My main goal was to overhaul my work wardrobe, integrating some pieces I already had and adding a few more casual pieces. The shopping trip exceeded my expectations in every way. I have avoided stores in the past few years and done most of my shopping on line, so I especially appreciated how convenient and even pleasant Carrie made the whole experience. She picked several stores within a few blocks of each other in a quieter part of the city than other retail zones. When I arrived at the first store Carrie was already there and had set up a dressing room with a selection of items in a versatile core palette. While at first it was a little awkward trying on clothes with someone whom I didn’t know well, Carrie’s professional, friendly approach quickly put me at ease. She helped determine what my size and some good shapes and cuts for me, and showed me how different items could be combined in different ways. She took into account my own style that she had learned from the wardrobe audit while guiding me to a toward a more updated look that, while still age appropriate, is flattering and even makes me look younger. I ended up going home with a complete Spring/Summer wardrobe of affordable, combinable clothes. It still makes me happy to open my closet knowing I definitely have something to wear, whatever the occasion. I wholeheartedly recommend Carrie, even – or even especially – to someone like me who has never experienced the help of a personal stylist. It is a great experience and well worth the investment. I will definitely shop again with Carrie.
Rachel A

I have never hired anyone to help me with my wardrobe before so I was unsure what to expect. My initial consultation with Carrie showed me clearly how valuable and, in the end, money saving the help of a style pro can be. I found all of her feedback and suggestions as we went almost item by item through my closet to be on the money and also practical. The time flew by and I ended up with an intelligently rearranged closet :) and new value added, too, thanks to Carrie's suggestions for how to wear items I already have in new combinations that I would never have thought of but that are surprisingly flattering. I also really appreciate that she took many pictures of my clothes so that new purchases can be integrated and combined, and that she is flexible about where to shopdepending on one's budget. Carrie made the wardrobe consultation relaxed and fun and I never felt self self-conscious either about my less than perfect figure or my less felicitous wardrobe choices. I am looking forward to my shopping trip with Carrie.
Mary R  

I didn't really know what to expect when working with a stylist but Carrie made the whole thing enjoyable and rewarding experience. Carrie came to my place in NJ and spent the afternoon sorting through my closet. She suggested some new outfits that I hadn't thought about, helped me organize it so deciding what to wear wasn't so painful but most importantly give  me permission to get rid of clothes that didn't do it for me because of style, fit, etc. This in itself was a weight off my shoulders (and I'm sure the Salvation Army will be happy with my donation!). A few weekends later we met to shop in NYC. I wasn't in the mood to shop & generally hate the whole thing (if I can buy it online, I will always avoid a store) but the 5 hours flew by and at the end I had a whole new spring wardrobe! Carrie suggested styles, pointed out how different fabrics would dress up or dress down an outfit. She was patient but proactive about picking thinges for me. She was also conscious of costs & pointed toward sale items. The first day I wore one of my new purchases, my fashionista  boss told me she liked what I was wearing! I hope to spend a few hours in the next few months to prepare for summer. Thanks Carrie, much appreciated.    
Carolyn H.

As I had never tried anything like this before and was visiting New York from Australia I really did not know what to expect but Carrie was great. She took control of everything and took me to a number of great stores that not only had a great range of clothes but also had fantastic specials. Carrie seemed to know exactly what would suit me and picked out a great selection and variety of clothes which made it very easy for me to choose exactly what I wanted. She also gave me great advice on other items that I might like.I would definitely recommend Carrie to anyone who wants to update their wardrobe.  
Nicole P., Australia

Carrie was so intuitive about my style and lifestyle, she asked questions about each piece of clothing she thought I didn't need which reassured me that I could get rid of it! Making room for much needed stand out new pieces.  As special events coordinator, I associate with many industries, so I need a streamlined wardrobe that has outfits that rock for all types of meetings and occasions. Many of those  meetings being a first impressions.      
Amanda Mayville, 44,  Special Event Coordinator   

Carrie is an expert shopper. Even though her focus is on making me look my best, at the same time she quietly keeps costs down by directing me to good value and special sales. She knows her stuff, works quickly, and is completely trustworthy.    
Joanne U.

I have worked with Carrie for the past two years updating and restyling my S/S and F/W wardrobe. Carrie has an innate sense of style which is apparent in pretty much all that she does. She has a knack for finding great stylish pieces from places you wouldn't expect. For example, in the past few seasons we shopped at Ann Taylor and Loft and they offered styles,as I see this season, that were a step ahead of some trends. Or found pieces there that were comparable to J.Crew or Theory. I am often complimented on my purchases and I can't tell you how many people are shocked when I tell them where I got it. But what also made them stand out is the styling advice she offered for pairing together unexpectedcolors and shapes, making pieces work for  the office and going out.  
Denise Christie, 35, E-commerce Manager 

I feel so good lately because of my new wardrobe and want to share this with you and others who visit your site to know about my experience working with you. Being a size 16 and 5'8, I have found it incredibly difficult to find awesome stylish clothing that is flattering. Carrie knew what brands would best fit my shape and achieve that "cool" style that only skinny girls seem to pull off. And I can afford. I have actually been so excited to get dressed everyday, because I leave my apartment feeling so great, like a good hair dayeveryday. Thanks  Carrie!        
Ashley Ades, 26  Account Coordinator

I highly recommended Carrie, as she exceeded my expectations.  When I reached out to her, I wasn't sure if she could work with me.  I say this because I'm 65 and not interested in shopping at Bergdorfs.  Yet desire an in style, fresh looking appearance.  I am a Manhattanite and very involved with the arts, culture happenings and dining out.  So my dilemma was, I couldn't find clothing because my interest in shopping has diminished over the years. And I'm now unsure of where to find hip clothing that is flattering for my changing/aging shape.  Most valuable to me was the insight she  gave on how cuts of clothing, pant especially, have changed in recent years and not be afraid of slimmer cut pants. I appear younger and many friend thought I lost weight, but it was my new pants!  She showed me new style trends and reassured me certain trends would be idea for me.  As well as, introduced me to stores that were a great all around fit for my shape, budget and lifestyle.      
Carol Stockhammer, Retired,  Advertising Sales