Carrie was so intuitive about my style and my lifestyle, as she asked question about each piece of clothing she thought I didn't need and which reassured me that they could go! Making way for much needed of  stand out new pieces.  As special events coordinator I associate with many industries, so I need a streamlined wardrobe that has outfits for all types of  meetings and occasions that rock!  As many of  my meetings are first impressions. She so came through.
Amanda Mayville, 44
Special Event Coordinator
Brooklyn, NY

I have worked with Carrie for the past 2 years updating and restyling my  S/S and F/W wardrobe.Carrie has an innate sense of style which is apparent in pretty much all that she does. She has a knack for finding great stylish pieces from places you wouldn't expect. For example, in the past few seasons we shopped at Ann Taylor and Loft and they carried styles that were ahead of  many trends, as I see this season. Or found pieces there that were comparable to J.Crew or Theory. I am often complimented on my purchases and I can't tell you how many people are shocked when I tell them where I got it.  She gave me insight on how to style some of my new pieces that seemed a bit bright and edgy for me, in a way that could be dressed up or down.
Denise Christe, 35
E-commerce Manager
Montcalir, NJ

I feel so good lately because of my new wardrobe and want to share this with you and other who visit your site to know about my experience working with you.
So, I'm size 16 , 5'8 and found it incredibly difficult to find blog worthy stylish clothing that is flattering. Carrie knew what brands would best fit my shape and achieve that "cool" style that only skinny girls seem to pull off. And I could  actually afford. I have actually  been so excited to get dressed everyday, cause I leave my apartment feeling so great, like a good hair day everyday. Thanks Carrie!
Ashley Ades, 26
Account Coordinator
New York City

I highly recommended Carrie,as she exceeded my expectations.
When I reached out to her I wasn't sure if she could work with me. I say this because I'm  65 and not interested in shopping at Bergdorfs  Yet, I am a Manhattanite and very involved with the arts, culture happening and dining out. So my delimeia was, I couldn't find clothing because my interest in shopping has diminished over the years. And Iam now unsure of where I could find hip clothing that is flattering for my changing/aging shape. As well, I just really  needed a second opinion if something I liked would be a good style for me or introduce me to a new style or trend. Carrie was so easy and fun to work with reassured me that certain style would be greart,
Carol Stockhammer
Retired Advertising sales
New York City

Through organzing and  going trough all of my clothing I of course found clothing I forgot about. So most of those pieces were eliminated. Carie was so though and effieicent and what we accmolished in 2 hrs, was incrediable.

Her insight  on how to organizie