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What can the professional advice of a seasoned personal stylist do for you?
Help you to be effortlessly stylish every day….

First impressions:  we all know how important they are, as well as how important it is to continue that impression ever day thereafter.
The way you look - your clothing choices and their fit, define how people perceive you and possibly interact with you. The personal style that you present should be synonymous with the accomplished individual that you are.  
I have an uncanny knack for channeling your personal style and lifestyle, that enables me to personalize any shopping experience. My keen eye for the subtleties of an individual's personality allows me to choose the best clothing for them.

My passion for a personal style statement through clothing and accessories has been a major inspiration in providing style consultation to others.  I've honed my skills in balancing clients unique style and wardrobe needs within their budget.  I will listen to your needs, your frustrations, and the vision you have of your desired style.  I'll show you how a defined personal style can be achieved by mixing unexpected colors and textures together to create your own flair, and how to identify quality and appropriate fit of clothing.  That lingering concern about your appearance will be replaced with a feeling of confidence at the start of your day. Soon your style will become effortless, and true to your personality.  Before long, others will be referring to you as "stylish!"